How to Register your SIM Card with Ghana Card & USSD Short code


How to Register your SIM Card with Ghana Card & USSD Short code

Stage one of the National SIM card registration or re-registration exercise requires mobile users to dial USSD Short-code *404# (All networks) in other to link their Ghana Cards to their SIM Cards. 

Here is how to Register your SIM Card with Ghana with USSD in 5 simple steps ;

  1. Dial USSD Short-code *404# on all Networks.

  2. You will be required to Enter your Ghana Card PIN and confirm.

  3. Proceed by Entering your Surname followed by your FirstName.

  4. Enter Your Date of Birth(DD/MM/YY).

  5. Select Gender and send.

  6. Confirm the details you provided and submit them after confirmation.

NB: You will get a confirmation 

message if SIM Card Registration is successful, this code should be sent to your service provider’s nearest office to finish with the last details of the registration.

NB: If SIM card Registration is unsuccessful after three (3) attempts, you will be asked to answer some security questions.

NB: If SIM card Registration is unsuccessful as a result of Ghana Card verification Issues, Kindly visit the nearest NIA office for assistance.

Mrs. Owusu-Ekuful stated that Government has set the minimum age to register sim cards at 15. Meanwhile, the Government has limited the number of SIM cards that individuals can register to 10 across all networks.

How to check if your sim is registered with a Ghana card

To know if your SIM card has been registered with your Ghana card

  • Dial *400# on all networks to start the verification process

  • Or send a blank text message to 400

  • Your Sim registration details will be displayed or sent to you via text.

  • If it matches your details, that’s all

  • if it doesn’t kindly visit the nearest registration point to link your SIM Card again

Implications of the registration exercise

The SIM Cards registration exercise is intended to reduce criminal activities and also provide accurate information for the National Communications Authority (NCA).

“When undertaken correctly, as we intend to do, it will reduce or limit fraudulent or criminal activities, help authorities ascertain the correct number of valid and accurate Sims on the networks. 

Enable operators to build better demographics of their customer base and help them develop products and services to suit the various groupings.

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