How to Eliminate Distractions and Keep Focused on Studying

Maintaining interest in studying is something most students find hard to accomplish. If you are one of those students finding it hard to get interest studying, you should know that it is vital to get rid of distractions and stay focused. Know just how to do so in this chapter.

Destroy Distractions and Maintain Focus 

When you are studying, you will feel that everything else may seem much more appealing, even simply staring at your wall. 

First off, have a firm thought that you are going to study hard and going to get good ratings. However, thinking about this is not enough to stay focused, as there are lots of distractions that might be surrounding you. 

There are so many things you have in mind, especially as you sit down to study. The technique basically lies in preventing distractions efficiently and maintaining motivation in you to carry on studying.

How to Do It? 

The roll of distractions might be endless and varied for everyone. But then, you can cope with them efficiently by employing a disciplined method along with some practical techniques as suggested by the following:

1.  Choose a Comfortable and Quite Place - Study in a place in

which you feel highly comfortable. For many people, a home can be

the best choice, yet when there are lots of people in it, you can go

anywhere else. A library can also be a great place for studying. While

it normally has a study room, you can use it. Your own school campus
may also have dedicated study rooms, use these facilities.

2. Put Distracting Things Away From You - Clear off your study

table. Remove from your table the things you don’t need when

studying. Mess around the study room may end up being a

distraction. Seeing things, such as a bill, a photograph or any

unrelated book might distract you. TV and other entertainment

devices might have you tempted, so keep them away or keep away

from them. Put your phone on silent or ideally out of your sight.

3. Set a Timetable and Stay With It - Set a timetable and switch

between subjects which interest you and the ones that do not. Make

yourself a target and at the end of each day, see if you get to attain it

or not. Once you accomplish it, reward yourself. This should keep the

motivation from flowing.

4. Take Some Breaks At Predetermined Intervals - It is vital to have some breaks, before you end up feeling saturated and loosing complete concentration. You can take at least 10 to 15 minutes break per hour or more, based on the level of your concentration. Taking breaks regularly are extremely beneficial in sustaining concentration. 

When you feel tired, you may wish to take longer breaks and return to studying once you feel prepared. You can also take small meals during the breaks.  

5. Know When You Feel Very Alert - Studying at the time when you feel the sharpest can be your best option. During this time, you can set the hardest things to study. After you determine your body-clock, accordingly create a schedule and stay with it.


6. Get Rid Of The Entire Distractions Internally - Internal distractions may include emotional stress or incomplete work, which preoccupies your mind and doesn’t allow you to concentrate.

Aside from these tips, you may also want to get yourself surrounded with individuals who are truly hard working. Their sincerity may simply rub off on you.

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